What I Fly

What I Fly –

A lot of people have asked; Matt, what are you flying up there? Well, if you haven’t gathered anything from my posts allow me to enlighten you. I currently fly a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter (drone, UAV, spy plane etc…).


It’s a decent size piece of equipment weighing in at 2.8 pounds fully loaded with battery and props. You can rocket this thing around at 35 MPH at a maximum FAA allowed altitude of 400 feet with a maximum distance from home of 3.1 miles.

Video quality is top-notch. Even though I’m not running the professional model (4K video) I can still record at 2.7K and take 12 MP images all day. Who has a 4K TV anyway? Not this dude! I typically keep the video down to 1080p 60FPS since 2.7K quickly fills up the 64gb micro SD card.

How do I control all this badassery? Obviously it has a remote, it is not linked into Skynet….although some think it is. All flight telemetry along with video is fed back to the DJI controller which conveniently relays all information to the attached iPad Mini 2 running the DJI Go App. You can actually use any Apple or Android product but I went with the Mini 2 based on reviews from others.

Battery life isn’t bad for something that spins 4 props at 9000 RPM. I can get anywhere between 18 and 21 minutes of fly time depending on the weather. ¬†Higher winds equate to lesser flight times as the Phantom has to spend more energy on keeping its course.

You can find me carting around this bundle of awesome in a DJI hardshell backpack which fits everything nicely including the 2 batteries, controller, extra props and cables.


You can read up all about these and other drones on DJI’s webiste –¬†http://www.dji.com