Tag: Springfield Illinois

Southwind Park Distance Flight – May 15 2016

Following my¬†previous distance flight, I thought I would take another shot and see if I could get it out a little further. For this round, I headed out to Southwind Park and sent it out over the large field to the west. This was really an ideal location given there were no obstructions and very…

Centennial Park Distance Flight – May 8 2016

Flying my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced at Centennial Park on May 8 2016. This was the furthest I’ve sent it out; I was 4,376 feet from my home point and still showing full signal strength. I did have a little choppy video reception but I feel I could have went a little further. Maybe next…

Lincoln Park Flight Images – May 3 2016

Flight images of Lincoln Park taken from the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. I did not take many pictures or videos as I was in a hurry to leave; the bugs were TERRIBLE. Flight Details: Total  Flight Distance: 3,714 Total Flight Time: 8 minutes Max Altitude: 295 feet