So I may be a little late posting this but you’ll have that once in a while. Allow me to jump into the time machine and take you back to February 19th, 2017. It was the first warm day of 2017, and honestly one of the better days we had seen in quite a while. The weather was 71, partly cloudy and not a lot of wind to deal with. As a bonus, we were also in the middle of a 3 day weekend! I know everyone loves those, right?

Anyway, I figured it was the perfect time to bust out the drone and take a little road trip up to Peoria. First stop was Kuchie’s On The Water for a late lunch. Food was delicious and we will certainly be back. Pro tip; if you go during this time of year, they are still on their winter schedule and therefore do not have their full staff working. Wait time was a little long but they were upfront with everyone who walked through the door and that was awesome, no surprises.

The below pictures and video were taken at various spots around the Peoria riverfront. Enjoy.