Southwind Park May 15 2016

Following my previous distance flight, I thought I would take another shot and see if I could get it out a little further.

For this round, I headed out to Southwind Park and sent it out over the large field to the west. This was really an ideal location given there were no obstructions and very wide open.

My goal was to start and end recording at the same spot but I was distracted by a curious bystander so the below video is actually 2 different recordings spliced together.

My total distance from the home point was 5,423 feet away!

Flight 1 Details

Total Flight Distance: 23,002 Feet
Total Flight Time: 16 Minutes
Max Altitude: 177 Feet

Flight 2 Details

Total Flight Distance: 25,058 Feet
Total Flight Time: 17 Minutes
Max Altitude: 17 Feet