Mendenhall Bros Seed Service

Flight Images from the old Mendenhall Bros Seed Service taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced on May 6 2016.

A Little Background

Back in the good ol’ days, circa when I was born and up to the early/mid 90’s, my old man used to run this place. As some of you know I come from a farming background and this is where it all took place. These are pictures of what used to be called Mendenhall Bros Seed Service Incorporated with a business address of R.R 1 Buffalo, Illinois 62515 (17023 ILLIOPOLIS RD BUFFALO, IL 62515).

I say used to be because life happens and things change. It was auctioned off somewhere around the late 90’s and is no longer in the immediate family. Over the years I have driven past a handful of times (3-4 times tops) and reminisced about the good ol’ days but never stopped in to take a look.

In late 2015 I did a drive by on the way back from Decatur and noticed things didn’t look right. Come to find out, a Tornado ripped through in February of 2014 and did some very obvious damage.

I finally got around to stopping out and taking a look (with permission) today. I took these pictures with my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and luckily I stopped out when I did. The word is that a few of these buildings will be coming down and not going back up.Even though its not 100% as I remember, I’m glad I stopped out to see it one last time before it changed again.

I may stop out again after those buildings come down and take some follow up shots to share.

Pictures and video below.

Flight 1 Details:

Total Flight Distance: 11,433
Total Flight Time: 18 Minutes
MaxAltitude: 118 Feet

Flight 2 Details:

Total Flight Distance: 9,668
Total Flight Time: 18 Minutes
Max Altitude: 409 Feet

Flight 3 Details:

Total Flight Distance: 14,422
Total Flight Time: 19 Minutes
MaxAltitude: 313 Feet